What Is Internet Marketing? Is It For Me?

If you sell, promote or build a website (more on that later) for any reason at all and you do it online so that anyone can access your website and read what you have to say then you are undertaking Internet Marketing.

You could create a website just for fun.  You could create a website that gives out information or ideas.  You can create a website from which you sell something.

You will write about whatever your website is related to on individual pages or in a sequential, date specific, post area called a blog.  You may include photographs or other images;  you may even include some articles that you have seen elsewhere about your subject.  Just be careful that you have the correct copyright permissions of course.

The subject that you write about is your “niche”, a term you will come across often in your internet marketing activities.  If you choose to write about Sport, say, then that is your niche (subject).  “Sport” however is an extremely broad subject and there will be thousands of people writing about it.  Your website will be just another voice in the tumult trying to be heard.

‘Trying to be heard’ is an important consideration here, too, because if you don’t want people to hear what you have to say then why bother creating a medium in which to express your ideas and opinion?  If you are wanting to write about Sport for your own pleasure and satisfaction, then write a journal or book and keep it private.

Human nature is such however that if you have a love of something you will want others to know about it, to share it, so being heard is actually important.  How then do you make your voice stand out in the crowd?  You may have the most earth-shattering fact you want to share but if no one hears it then it is of no value except to you.

One method of getting heard is to narrow down your niche so that the crowd isn’t as great.  “Cycling” is a much smaller crowd than “Sport” but even then it is still large.  Can the niche get smaller?  You need to think about which specific sub-niche you want to be heard in and then you are getting closer.  There is an optimum level at which your niche should be geared.  There are many ways which that level can be found and we’ll discover how in due course.  For the moment this simple introduction is meant as food for thought for you and for you to be able to answer the topic’s question.

Such is the art of Internet Marketing.  People have been asking the question of how to be heard for years.  If you can get heard then you are going to be successful especially if others agree and empathise with what you are saying.  That way your website will get visited regularly as you make new comments and observations about your subject and that is when you can start to earn money from your site (if you choose) and we will look at how that can be done later on also.

So, do you have a subject that you love and have opinions about that you’d like to share?  If you do, then Internet Marketing would be a good vehicle for you.  The mechanics of it will be considered in future posts.

Throughout my website and these posts I will place links (see the one following in red) that can be clicked on to a training website called Wealthy Affiliate.  Without doubt this website is the very best place to learn about Internet marketing as well as other forms of earning an online living.  The free part of the training is invaluable and extensive in understanding what it’s all about and how to go about it.  You don’t have to give any credit card details, it is truly a free package.

Setting up a website is easy through Wealthy Affiliate and you can start your online presence within minutes.  The getting of visitors and the making of money however is not so easy.  If you are focussed, patient and committed then studying how to achieve success will bring those opportunities to you.  Wealthy Affiliate, like any centre of learning, requires dedication, effort and above all time to learn what you need to know to be a successful website owner.  Too many people see it as a panacea for a quick income – not so!

I talk more about Wealthy Affiliate elsewhere on this site, so either visit my dedicated page and posts or visit their website directly through those links.

Oh, and don’t think Internet marketing is just for young ‘uns.  Far from it, we oldies know how to learn and not bad at earning either, so this site will be aimed primarily at the more senior segment of society but, as in life, younger persons may learn a few things too if they wish!

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