About Me and This Website

Hi, I’m Adrian.


I run my own client service business and have done so since 2009 having flown from working (in Commercial Management, banking and teaching) for other people.

My business has nothing to do with Earning Through Learning except that it is successful – which shows me that I am able to start a business, develop it and make a success of it.  If you’re interested, here’s a link to my website.

Unfortunately (or fortunately if you look at it another way!) I’m not busy every hour of the day and so in February 2015 I started looking for other stimulating things to get involved in.

I stumbled across Wealthy Affiliate and signed up as a free member.  Am I glad I did.

At my own pace, I began to understand how earning through learning could be a real possibility.  I also realised that I had an awful lot to learn before I could get to that stage but, oh, what fun it has been so far on that journey which still continues.

It didn’t take me long to realise that I needed to be a Premium member and, with the expert tuition and help from the community, have subsequently built a website called englishwordmeanings.com, which looks at the Beauty and Meaning of Words in a non-formal, personal way.   This I did for the sheer enjoyment and learning experience.  It hasn’t earned me a cent yet but that isn’t the point.  I wanted to create something I am passionate about – the English language.  I haven’t made too many posts of late but will go back to it soon.

Wealthy Affiliate isn’t the only vehicle through which I have begun learning .  UdemyKindle eBooks, Amazon FBA are all things I have been involved in and I will share my thoughts on each of these (and others) elsewhere on this site.

My interests or passions (my wife calls them obsessions!) include Luton Town Football Club, rugby union (now watching only!), English Literature, wine, learning, my two pussy cats, music and oh lots of other things.

I am a qualified English teacher too and helping people with their learning is important to me.  Having the opportunity to help steer those interested enough through the quagmire that earning money on line can be is something very appealing.

Keywords in my life are:  honesty, integrity, respect, excellence, love, self-actualisation.

I’m an older chap these days but determined to keep my mind active and learning new things does just that. I actually qualify to be retired but find my business, which I run from my home office, and online learning and earning too stimulating to let go of.

So, whether you are a young soul keen to learn and earn or a person of, shall we say, more advanced years I hope you will find this website illuminating and encouraging.